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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.Three Things I Would Put In A Time Capsule I would put three things into my time capsule, a set of my favorite books, my cherished Star of David, and some family recipes.

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Unfortunately, some of the material was not available for viewing on that first visit, and I ended up returning to HPU several more times in the years that followed, each time getting more and different information, much of which has appeared on this blog. Not only do they have the files from Howard Payne, but also the archives from Daniel Baker College (where Clyde Smith and Novalyne Price attended), Mc Murray College (Austin Newton’s alma mater), and many others.

Each college’s collection of catalogues, yearbooks, and school newspapers are available in searchable format. And that’s not all that’s available on the website.

The second thing I would put in my time capsule would be my Star of David.

A Star of David is the religious symbol for Judaism.

Most importantly, I think, it is the culture shock I’m undergoing and the comparison between the two countries, one is where I come from, another is where I’m living in, that make the diary not only unique but also representative for me.

the di About a thousand years ago, in Tang dynasty, Chinese and Japanese governments had been exchanging scholars to communicate in culture, literature, politic, religion and even technology.These are the reasons why I would put my Star of David in my time capsule. I also wanted to go through their yearbooks and catalogues, anything and everything from the 1920s.I would put these books in my time capsule because it is my favorite series and I have read them more than once each and they never get boring.I would want the people of the future to know about the type of books that we had in 2010 and to give the children, teens or even adults something new to read and entertain themselves with.She said they just wanted to give me their best wishes and they hoped me to bring it with me all the time. I write about my life, about my feelings of the new life in a different country: my wonders, my fear, and my dream.It is a witness of my life as an international student leaving home alone and experiencing the dramatic transfer of life.The reason I would put this in my time capsule is that I believe in Judaism and I wear my Star of David every day.I would also put this in my time capsule just in case the religion is forgotten in the future, if they look find this symbol they might be able to piece the religion back together.But my diary is still a unique one and a perfect time capsule for me.th I use a notebook my best friend gave me on my 17 birthday as a birthday gift to write my diaries. Before giving it to me, my best friend asked a lot of my friends together and each dropped a few lines on that notebook.


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