Tips For Critical Thinking

If you can’t come to a conclusion right away, there’s nothing wrong.

If you give up, however, there something wrong, so embrace frustration and keep going.

If one source of evidence runs dry, seek a second or third or fourth.

Critical thinking is not a race; the medal goes to the person who finds the clearest truth, not the person who finishes fastest.

It’s different, though, in the sense that rather than unhelpful biases, prejudices and irrational beliefs, you actively seek out evidence.

Note that “evidence” does not mean a similar point of view; it means qualitative or quantitative facts gathered in as unbiased a way as possible.When you have two job offers on the table, for instance, relying on where your finger lands is pretty risky. This video will take you through a five-step process of how to do this in the best and most efficient manner. Clearly outlining exactly what you need to figure out. Abby is a writer, career coach, and health educator living in Portland, Maine.Nor is it helpful when you need to decide how to fix a potentially deal-breaking data glitch before your client finds out ( increase the probability that you’ll do the right thing. When she’s not trying to make the world a happier and healthier place, you can find her cuddling with her cats, hunting down the city's best coffee and grilled cheese, or dipping her toes in the Atlantic. Trying new restaurants while spending time catching up with those I love is one of my favorite things to do.But there’s one aspect of it that causes me some pretty unnecessary anxiety (not including the exorbitant prices for small plates these days): Choosing an item off the menu.So just how do you go about developing those skills?Well, here are 10 ideas that will help you hit the mark. Typically you will not be given a canned set of multiple choice answers to a problem; instead, you must arrive at a conclusion on your own by analyzing available evidence and coming to the best possible conclusion.There are, after all, far more falsities than truth in the world, and the job of a critical thinker is to separate the two.If one line of thinking doesn’t work, turn to another.Those who are afraid of being wrong, unfortunately, tend to avoid this potential outcome by thinking shallowly and glossing over the real facts.This isn’t a good approach to school, however, nor is it effective in work, relationships or any other aspect of life.


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