Too Dependent On Technology Essay

By ensuring that our students remain educated in interpersonal and ‘real-world’ skills as well as electronic know-how, we can best prepare them to make the most of the opportunities technology has to offer without suffering any of the potentially detrimental consequences.Most kids these days don't even know how to use a dictionary because " Google has it all" so they don't see it as a necessary skill.

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Technology in a way deteriorates our human sense of contiguity.

No longer do we feel the need or perhaps the desire to talk in person because we have methods of communication that are simpler and in many ways, easier.

Look around at how many people are engrossed in their phones walking down the street, or while driving.

Most accidents are caused by people using their phones while driving, whether it be for GPS, to get on Facebook or anything else.

Do you know that this number of today’s technology is dependent upon the Internet or in some way manipulates the web, such as computers, smart phones, i Pods, i Pads, and gaming controls such as the Xbox 360. The web is an easy way to access information and contact people.

In fact, the United States today recently reported that a PEW Research Center Survey found that 87% of the U. Today’s teens use the Internet’s social networking sites to connect with friends and share personal information.

Simple communication skills and vital understanding of personal interaction are also said to be suffering, as young people spend increasing amounts of time online and communicate using their keyboards rather than face-to-face.

Reliance on such methods of communication could be deeply detrimental to their ability to form healthy relationships with others in the long-run, concerned critics say, whilst they also open up dangerous possibilities of cyber-bullying and the persecution of young people online.

Another major flaw of teenagers’ over-reliance on modern technology is the ease with which students are able to plagiarise others’ work, whether intentionally or even without realising it.

The more students come to rely on Wikipedia and Google to answer their homework questions, the less they are required to use their own minds to come up with independent thoughts and opinions.


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