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The proposed TQM Tree Model consists of seven TQM principles that suit the MOE; commitment toward TQM, focus on stakeholders, involvement and empowerment, Maryam ALNabhani, 2007 iiicontinuous improvement, training and education, tools and techniques, and rewards.

Theviews of different groups -top management, internal stakeholders and externalstakeholders- on the proposed model of TQM and views on issues related toimplementation -were also- gathered.

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The analysis showed that TQM Tree Modelwas seen to be a possible approach by top management and stakeholders to develop the Ministry of Education in Oman.

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The final stage of the study was to gather the views ofthose in executive positions in the MOE regarding the proposed model of TQM and toidentify issues to be considered in an implementation framework.The aims of this are (1) tohighlight the issues that need addressing in the Ministry of Education, (2) to present abackground survey on different approaches of managing change (3) to survey the literatureabout TQM in order to discover the underlying philosophy of TQM, its gurus, itsdevelopment and its tools and techniques, (4) to review the experience of TQM ineducation, its success in this field and to also identify limitations of TQM, (5) to examinethe feasibility of applying TQM in the MOE and (6) to design a model for implementing TQM in MOE .Firstly, an overview of the context of the study is presented.Secondly, seven different approaches for managing change are discussed; the problemsolvingapproach, the learning organization, the three-step model, the action researchmodel, the reengineering, Fullan’s theories of managing change, and Total Quality Management.It is argued that six of these approaches were highlighted as effectiveapproaches in dealing with change but do not fully match the development needs of the Ministry of Education in Oman.Thus semi-structuredinterviews were conducted with six of the key personnel in the MOE.Some issues arisingfrom the analysis of all the data collected including final set of the interviews with theexecutives led to the modification of the proposed TQM Tree Model.The sample consists of 40 persons, 10 from eachgroup.From this study the following issues were identified; centralization, weakcommunication, insufficient management support, weak teamwork motivation and faultyplanning.Total Quality Management (TQM) in Hospitality Industry: A study of the application of TQM in a hotel's engineering department and its effects on hotel performance By Mark Chan A DISSERTATION Submitted to The University of Liverpool in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF Project Management 2011 A Dissertation entitled Total Quality Management (TQM) in Hospitality Industry: A study of the application of TQM in a hotel's engineering department and its effects on hotel performance By Mark Chan We hereby certify that this Dissertation submitted by Mark Chan conforms to acceptable standards, and as such is fully adequate in scope and quality. It is therefore Acknowledgements I would like to express my appreciation for my dissertation advisor, Dr.


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