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Some have attracted a flurry of book, articles, and seminars; others have been completely discredited.

Achieving this degree of unanimity within the organization is a major objective of Total Quality Management.

However, at the same time that customer satisfaction is of primary importance in the rubric of Total Quality Management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are equally important components in achieving the full objectives of this managerial program.

Horizontally, TQM must be infused into all areas at the middle management and worker level.

Design engineers must consider installation and maintenance.

Another closely related process that is important within the Total Quality Management approach is known as quality improvement.

This refers to a period review of all of the practices and processes of an operation in order to eliminate any undue inefficiency or duplication.

Of particular interest was the highly developed managerial systems developed by Japanese manufacturers.

The most ubiquitous of these, known as Total Quality Management, began to widely disseminated through the American corporate landscape in the early 1980s, initiating a sea change in the American paradigm of business leadership.

This discussion will provide an overview of the principles and practices of Total Quality Management, with a particular focus on relating Total Quality Management to the realm of operations management.

The principles of Total Quality Management have been distilled from a highly complex and nuanced body of thought.


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