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It is notable that when one of the above types is defined, it is defined in terms of other types.

It is notable that when one of the above types is defined, it is defined in terms of other types.

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Especially noteworthy is the debate concerning the relation between the meaning of a sentence type and the speaker's meaning in using a token (a relation that figures prominently in Grice 1969).

But the type-token distinction also functions significantly in other branches of philosophy as well.

In , it yields two versions of the identity theory of mind (each of which is criticized in Kripke 1972).

The type version of the identity theory (defended by Smart (1959) and Place (1956) among others) identifies of physical events/states/processes.

§6 considers the relation between types and their tokens.

§7 explains some problems for the view that types exist, and some problems for the view that they don't. 4.537) called words in the first sense “types” and words in the second sense “tokens”.

The universal and largely unscrutinized reliance of linguistics on the type-token relationship and related distinctions like that of , is the subject of Hutton's cautionary book (1990).

Obviously then, types play an important role in philosophy of language, linguistics and, with its emphasis on expressions, logic.

But as there are only three word types of which it might consist, what then are we counting ten of?

The most apt answer is that (following logicians' usage) it is composed of ten , for more details. 28), claim the linguist is interested only in types. Thus, linguistics is apparently committed to the existence of these words, which are types.


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