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Stereotypes are "cognitive structures that contain the perceiver's knowledge, beliefs, and expectations about human groups" (Peffley et al., 1997, p. These cognitive constructs are often created out of a kernel of truth and then distorted beyond reality (Hoffmann, 1986).Racial stereotypes are constructed beliefs that all members of the same race share given characteristics.Additionally, strategies for intervention and the implications of this exploration into racial stereotypes will be presented.

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Although the idea of a difficult class may seem like a challenge you can't face, VCU provides many different resources to encourage and aid their students in their academic careers.

By making use of these resources and having faith that you will succeed, even a difficult class can become a conquered challenge.

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Tutoring and SI are both great ways to get ahead in difficult classes.

If the biggest struggle in your class is a research paper or essay, the VCU Writing Center is your ticket to success.Additionally, most intro classes have Supplemental Instruction sessions with class TAs.Supplemental Instruction is a recitation-style session for lecture classes where students can split into groups and work on course-related worksheets and study guides leading up to the tests.You don't want to get caught with a low participation grade for not attending lectures!VCU's Campus Learning Center is a valuable resource that all students can use to get extra help for difficult classes.On top of that, however, VCU professors often use software like Top Hat or clickers to take attendance, ask questions, and even give pop quizzes during lecture.Professors also add extra detail and substance to the information in the textbook, and sometimes even tell students what material will be on the tests and quizzes.Academic coaches can help you make a study plan, give you personalized study techniques and advice, and assist you in time management and organization.Additionally, academic coaches focus on student wellbeing as related to academics and can help you reduce school-related stress and test anxiety with scientifically based techniques.Throughout your college career, you will undoubtedly face a difficult class - one that makes you dread going to lecture and stay up all night trying to understand whatever the textbook is trying to say.For all those facing this seemingly insurmountable challenge, here are five tips for surviving your hard classes at VCU.


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