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Launching an experiment creates a real, living, new product or service.In this case, a performance management system ‘prototype.’Our first step was to identify a series of risky assumptions — what absolutely must be true in order for the idea to succeed? Because if it’s not true, we’ve wasted precious time, money and resource.But they aren’t experts in all global markets and cultures, haven’t developed efficient translation workflows, and aren’t trained in technology development.

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Worse still, current employees are already spread thin, and can’t take on more work.

Technology Most content-management platforms aren’t designed to manage multilingual websites, and fall short under the demands of day-to-day translation.

But whatever their outcome, we know we’re onto a winner.

Here’s why:· Whether the assumptions are validated or disproved, we’ll have harvested valuable evidence to inform the next iteration of our performance management prototype.· We didn’t dwell on or dissect problems, instead we focused on what’s already working, putting us in good stead to inspire behaviour change organisation-wide.· Fluxx’s lean approach to solving problems both inside organisations and outside with customer has its own stack of evidence for success. For more articles like this, follow Fluxx on Medium.

Companies also face unexpected workforce costs (like when staff helps with translations) and IT expenses.

We offer a fully turn-key website translation solution, and an integrated approach for localizing omnichannel content.

Expected Costs Budgeting for website translation requires accounting for the project’s scope, cost-per-word translation rates, technology licensing fees, technology integration costs, project-management fees and more.

Hidden Costs Translation vendors sneak extra fees into invoices, bloating your translation spend.

As the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics informing the country’s most important economic, societal and decisions — getting it wrong was not an option.

So in a workshop with key cross-departmental stakeholders, we prioritised our risky assumptions. If managers could design their own approach to managing their team, their team would be more effective.


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