Who Am I Simple Essay

The main aim of a who am I essay is to make the reader understand who you are and what you believe in. It is here that you state your beliefs, motivations, principles and inspirations. In most cases, we always define ourselves using institutions, other people or activities. It’s not that I am an extrovert, but; I always work towards getting along with people.

Remember, the essay doesn’t have to be always about the positive side- you can include your weak points as well in a creative way. The reader expects you to have either staunch stands on certain things and this is the part where you make them know. Well, I know quite much about myself: I am a kind, friendly, respectful, and principled young person. Of course, there are times I enjoy being alone for meditation.

Anyway, it may be a little difficult to explain who I am.

However, there are qualities that are an outright depiction of me.

You can also write about what makes you unique (unique skills, character, etc). However, being around people makes me feel comfortable.

Striking the balance makes your essay realistic and convincing. I like to utilize every chance I get in making new friends.When I am asked who am I, I do not necessarily have to describe my personality or my character. That type of person who does not care about the fate of others. I want to give people warmth and try not to hurt them. It seems to me that each of us should be the cause of somebody’s happiness.A person who wants to make the right decisions, but does not always cope with the task. And someday, I want to say boldly that I’m a man who has made the world a little better.Yet, I’m still the person you will find in doing voluntary community work to help people.I guess my self-esteem is too high for people to put down.I have been a school captain in Team Handball and Badminton.Today, I still participate in these games as a coach. Today you may say I am a student, and tomorrow, I am a pilot. The answers to these questions can differ and change with the time.It is a mistake to believe that everything in this life is clear and understandable. A human can safely say who he is or hide it from others. Many times I have tried to describe my individuality but I always have new and news answers appearing in my mindw hen I get older.. What is the difficulty of this, at first glance, simple question? We are all used to the fact that things around have some purpose, everything has its function.There are many undiscovered mysteries, the answers to which humanity hasn’t found yet. And it is natural that after losing its main function, a certain object ceases to exist. There are many proverbs and sayings that help us find an answer to this difficult question: we are what we eat, show me your company, and I’ll tell you who you are, etc.


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