Why Did George Kill Lennie Essay

In the novella, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, George killing Lennie is a merciful kill to save others from Lennie’s unintentional acts of aggression, to spare Lennie from suffering a cruel death, and instead ensuring a peaceful and quick departure one that will cause George the least regrets.George begins to see a pattern of aggression coming from Lennie and wants to put it to an end because Lennie is hurting too many others unintentionally and he sees Lennie is quick to frustrate and panic and is lacking in the ability to control his violent reactions.

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This is not so much due to Lennie’s slowness but more because of George’s protective nature, preventing Lennie from ever having to face any consequences.

George clearly can sense Curley’s anger and vindictive nature about Lennie killing his wife.

It is quite apparent that Curley wants justice and revenge and is determined to make Lennie suffer: “Curley’s face reddened. I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself” (Steinbeck 98). ’ And he tries to reassure himself, ‘Maybe they’ll lock ‘im up and be nice to ‘im” (Steinbeck 94).

That is why George stayed with him the whole way, because he cared about Lennie and his safety.

Therefore, George really didn’t want to hurt him and why he sticks with him: even if he was an annoyance to him.


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