Why Education Is Important Essay In Urdu

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He can do it with ease as there are books available to learn that language. By speaking in a proper language like the use of correct grammar, pronunciation, etc.4.

Express views and opinions: Education helps a person to express his opinions in a better manner.

Use of technology: The food production, medicine, electronic gadgets, automobiles and other luxury items were developed due to the spread of science and technology among the professionals through studies.

So, without basic education, it would be difficult for one to use gadgets of modern technology.

He can communicate with the large audience by writing in newspapers, letters and video recordings.

Many poets, authors are renowned and famous worldwide due to their ability to influence people.

Ability to serve the society: Education also helped in the rise in the number of medical experts, engineers, teachers, etc.

To provide services to such a vast population of the world we need many medical and other experts.

The valuable childhood is spent on education so that he could live a better life in the future.

The parents are also eager to educate their child The demand for education is so high that there is a reasonable level of business involved around it.


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