Why I Love America Essay

The great majority of the Americans of both sexes seem to be in a state of chronic bewilderment in the face of a problem which they are certainly not the first to confront, but which—unlike other people—they still refuse to accept as one of those gifts of the gods which one might just as well take as it is; a mixed blessing at times, and at other times a curse or merely a nuisance.The prevailing conception of love, in America, is similar to the idea of democracy. It is the grandest system ever evolved by man to differentiate him from his ancestors, the poor brutes who lived in caverns, or from the apes.Our culture of consumer patriotism—owning a flag, going to see the latest movie, having a 4th of July barbeque—only scratches the surface of American values and ideals, and merely having a flag on your bumper sticker is an insufficient way to demonstrate you are a true patriot.

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Only when we also honor those who have the courage to seek to perfect our union at home can we truly say we live in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

“It is as if the experience of being in love could only be one of two things: a superhuman ecstasy, the way of reaching heaven on earth and in pairs; or a psychopathic condition to be treated by specialists.” America appears to be the only country in the world where love is a national problem.

We need to give more worth to the values and ideals that stand behind the American flag, the pledge, and the singing of the national anthem, and less weight to the symbols themselves.

Yes, symbols and words matter, but actions and principles matter more, and we obscure the real issues when we stop an important conversation short by calling it unpatriotic or un-American because it wasn’t done “the right way,” however that might be.

Undisputedly, America is one of the most patriotic countries on earth.

According to the Pew Research Center, 90 percent of Americans identify as “very patriotic” while 62 percent of Americans display the flag at home, at work, or on their cars.

Love is perfect, in fact, and there is nothing better.

But, like democracy, it does not work, and the Americans feel that something should be done about it.

In July, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called the entire Black Lives Matter movement “racist” and “un-American,” and he is not alone.

Even Beyoncé received criticism for being un-American after her Super Bowl halftime show, when she premiered her song “Formation” with references to the Black Panthers.


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