Wikipedia Is A Good Source For A Research Paper

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Instead of working together to build upon ideas and improvement strategies, the individuals who contribute to Wikipedia can be influenced by their own personal beliefs, ethics and background when they announce their truth online.

This perception of fact is then insinuated as another person’s notion of reality, and the cycle continues.

In defence, the functionality of the program which allows it to be constantly updated allows quicker access to many audiences and could be argued that it is a good way to stay informed and in touch with current issues.

Although Wikipedia is recognised by some as an international success, it is not a well regarded source of research in the academic world.

This type of interaction breeds a social environment that encourages intellectual ideas and creative progress.

Using technology to modify or manipulate your human identity is counter productive to creativity.

Every article has an edit capacity, which allows any user, to add or delete content on any page.

This Shortens the time frame needed to create, edit and publish content, making it the preferred tool for many people worldwide seeking answers and a path for basic research.

By announcing itself as “Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia”, this title carries a powerful connotation of dependable truth and genuine fact.

Lanier (2006) believes that the problem is not with the unfolding experiment of Wikipedia itself, but with "the way that Wikipedia has come to be regarded and used; how it's been elevated to such importance so quickly”.


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