Windows Vista Problem Solving

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With many thousands of them at Redwood, surely someone could offer something. Microsoft - dont you want to improve your sales etc So I was curious about this thread.

I have an HP 8120n with an Intel Core 2Quad @ 2.4GHz running Vista Home Premium (SP1).

Of course, Toshiba and Microsoft are clueless as to the cause of the problem.

I challenge CNET and all the experienced techs in the industry to do a scientific analysis of this very common problem and find a resolution.

My computer runs around 80 processes, with 3 GB of RAM, and 2.6GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core. Larger programs (3D programs, graphic design programs, etc.), that require a lot of ram can take longer to load, giving me that "Not Responding" error until it loads. The computer works fine for a bit then all of a sudden it stops responding, especially when using internet explorer, that seems to clash with everything.

One other thing that may interest you if you like to run the sidebar is Multi Meter (Dual Core) v1.25a Item Detail.aspx? It displays in real-time how much your RAM and processor are being used. I am having the same problem that rapheek has but I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and I recently bought this laptop used. Btw, my system is 64bit capable but I cannot afford upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium. I have tried all the suggestions on the microsoft website and had some IT people look at it, but nothing helps.

Unfortunately it may be moving data that it thinks you won't be using when you actually will, so it moves it from RAM to paging file, you request it, it's moved from paging file to RAM, then System Mechanic moves it back again shortly thereafter.

Let Vista's memory management fly solo for a while.

These are usually in the form of error messages and if left unattended, the problems will usually get worse, not better.

What Causes Internet Explorer Error on Page Problems?


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