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One of the most important parts of the General Educational Development test is the essay question.While this section often makes test takers nervous, it is entirely possible to receive a strong score even if you are not a strong writer.When looking for GED essay topics online, keep in mind that not all sites reflect updated GED information.

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The GED essay section will give you a prompt with one main topic and, usually, several follow-up questions.If your favorite hobby is softball, do not worry about whether the graders like softball or find it interesting. If there are several questions within the essay prompt, include several points for each question.The essay outline you create at this point will serve as the rough draft for the body of your essay. The introduction serves two main purposes -- to draw the reader into the piece with a quote, anecdote, fact or some other interesting point and to tell the reader exactly what you will be discussing throughout the rest of the essay.This is a complete overview of how to write a GED essay, as well as how the essay will be scored.Guidelines are given so that you can follow as closely as possible to a real testing situation.Use the points you wrote on your scrap paper to create the body of your essay.You are essentially telling a story, and all stories have a beginning, middle and end, so ensure that your points have a logical flow.There are plenty of GED-specific study guides that you can buy to further help you study and prepare for the essay section, as well as the rest of the test.Write neatly so that the test graders can easily read what you have written.This is because you can study for this section, just as you can for the other subjects.Spend time reading, which will help with grammar and sentence structure, and practice writing past essay questions while timing yourself.


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