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The answer is that there isn’t a huge body of scientific literature on the subject, but from what is available, the conclusion is YES, it definitely matters.I decided to research and write this article because I haven’t used white paper with blue lines, spiral notebooks, three ring binders, or pencils for about 15 years now, including during my tutoring sessions. You have probably never thought about what kind of paper you use, have you?

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My friend used a notebook of plain pages, and I soon converted to this myself.This grad student took careful notes with a very fine mechanical pencil, and had a big eraser which he used frequently, to make sure everything was perfect.Each page was numbered in the top corner, and by the end of the semester I think the number was in the 60s.(He used the bottom half in the following class.) Like the Sharpie strategy, this restricted him to only writing down the most important things.Both of the students I’ve just mentioned wrote all the way across the page, as though the paper had lines.And my tutors don’t use them either, for reasons I will discuss shortly.I will also make a disclaimer right now that this article is mostly based on my personal experience.By Diana Davis When I got to graduate school, one of the strangest things was all of the crazy ways that my fellow students were taking notes. In my undergrad classes at Williams, everyone basically took notes the same way: They copied down what the professor wrote on the board, and maybe wrote down some of the things the professor said, into a notebook or on looseleaf lined paper.But in graduate school, the spectrum of note-taking methods got much wider. The very thought of not taking notes would fill me with anxiety.His notes could have been scanned and made into a textbook.These experiences convinced me that unlined paper was the way to go, because math doesn’t really conform well to being written down in prose.


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